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Is A Corgi Right For You?

by Heather Lampman

Yes, Corgis are very cute, with sweet, endearing faces. They are happy, friendly dogs. They are small and therefore convenient to live with and take places. They are very intelligent and can excel in a variety of areas: obedience, tracking, agility, therapy, herding, and just being a family pet. However, Corgis are not always the right dog for every family.

Corgis are very social dogs. They enjoy spending time with their humans; they are not happy tossed in the backyard or the barn all day without a lot of human interaction. They do not do well if left alone for long periods of time. In the house, some insist on following you everywhere, even the bathroom.

They are smart. Without some obedience training, they will assume their family is the “herd” to be bossed around. They also can be very sensitive and require a firm, but gentle, training regimen. Even if you don’t have any intentions of competing in obedience, you will be need to take your Corgi to several sessions of obedience.

Corgis can be rather aggressive when it comes to guarding their food and toys. Dogs of other breeds and cats will need to tolerate being herded and bossed around.

They are double-coated for insulation against cold and against the sun; therefore, they shed all year, and shed profusely twice a year.

Their herding instincts lead to some traits that don't fit in with all families. Corgis assume they are to guard the property--they bark. They also tend to follow their humans closely and will want to be a sometimes not-so-welcome participant in children’s games involving running.

IF you are willing to spend a lot of time training your dog, and IF you are willing to spend much of your time in your dog’s company, a Corgi might be the right dog for you. BE SURE to go to a reputable breeder or rescue organization for your Corgi, so you can get the Corgi that matches your personality and lifestyle. The person from whom you get your Corgi should have your best interests and the Corgi’s best interests at heart, not their bank account.




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